Welcome... the experience of a lifetime.

At Parker Family Farm we believe very strongly that as a nation, we need more farmers, particularly young farmers, interested in alternatives to the corporate, globalized structure of the industrialized food system.  That's why we started our Apprenticeship Program which features many unique opportunities.

First and foremost, apprentices become a part of our family.  As you can see, our daughter Lizzie likes to 'help out' on harvest day.  Here she is peppering Brittany (friend and former apprentice who now owns and operates Wise Acres Farm) with questions.

Our Apprentices participate in all aspects of life here on the farm.  From the everyday tasks in the garden and with the animals, the packing shed and markets to unique experiences tailored to educational interests.

Here we are at the Homestead of John Bunker during one of MOFGA's 'Farm Training Project' Days

In addition to MOFGA workshops and Farm Training Project Days, Parker Family Farm has developed a program that we call 'Inter-Farm Education'.  We pack up and head out to small family farms that operate different ways or work on different aspects of farming life to allow our apprentices to experience multiple opportunities in the world of alternative farming.  Farms that we've visited in the past include Old Ackley Farm in Blue Hill, Quill's End Farm in Penobscot and others.  We also have connections with a small orchard and seed saving collaborative farm.  Other options are limited only by your interest and imagination.

You will learn through hands on experience and discussions that take place during the every days tasks at the farm.  We place a very high value on education, and do our best to teach things that 'have nothing to do with farming'.  Want to learn how to fell and limb a tree with a chainsaw?  Want to learn to change the oil in your car?  We can teach you.  And of course, there is all the farming knowledge to be had.  Learn to plan, plant, weed and harvest efficiently, cultivate, drive tractors and switch implements, save seeds, etc. etc.

But it's not all work.  Our apprentices spend the summer living where we the lake!  The apprentice cabin is less than 200 feet from water's edge. 

And one of the best things in the world is firing up the sauna at the end of a hard day's work, relaxing in the steam and then jumping in the lake under the stars.

Here is our wood fired sauna, just a short run to the lake and then a short walk back to the cabin for the best night's sleep ever.
To learn more about our apprenticeship program contact us.  We want you to be successful in your educational goals at our farm.