Pastured Pig Shares

Parker Family Farm Pastured Pig Share Agreement Form

What you'll find...

We offer our pig herd a stress-free, healthy, enjoyable life in the outdoors, free from CAFO conditions.  At Parker Family Farm, our pigs do what pigs evolved to do - turn the earth, eat the grass, forest litter and grubs and be merry!

Pigs on grass...

 Our pog (a herd of pigs) lives on pasture, woodlands and mixed growth paddocks throughout the life of the pigs.  Since Parker Family Farm is a diversified, beyond organic farm, our animals help us quite a bit.  Our pigs work the soil in areas where our gardens will be the following year or in areas where we will plant trees and bramble fruits.  We also fence off areas that need cleaning up, whether on a fenceline or at the edge of a forest, and let the pigs do their thing.  Thus, we are able to increase the fertility of the land and fertilize our gardens without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, all while providing the most delicious pork you can imagine.  Just one more traditional, real food option for our community.

Scarlet and Indy

We are raising heritage breed and heritage cross breed hogs in an effort to preserve genetic diversity and heritage in the food supply in the face of ever decreasing genetic diversity in the industrial system. We are also investigating 'nativized genetics' to ensure we have the best pigs for our farm. We are striving, in the long run, to raise our pigs on diets free from corn, soy or any other food that comes from far away.  To that end we are working to find local artisans and restaurants to obtain certain food scraps and wastes.  Sources could include small family cheese, beer and bread making operations as well as family fisheries and small, local restaurants.  Currently, our pigs dine on pasture, woodland growth, milk, bread and food wastes, organic grain and vegetable scraps and weeds from our beyond organic gardens, and more as available.

Pastured Pig Share Agreement Policies

(By participating in the Parker Family Farm Pastured Pig Share Program, the member acknowledges that he/she has read and agrees to each of the following policies.)

Refund Policy

A deposit of at least $100 is due with the Pastured Pig Share Agreement form.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Diet Policy

Parker Family Farm strives to provide a healthy, stress free, high quality of life for all animals at the farm. Parker Family Farm pigs spend their lives on open pasture and woodlands and are fed a diverse diet including grass, hay, forest litter, vegetable and food scraps, and more as available. While in the care of Parker Family Farm, the pig's diet includes only enough corn or soy based grain rations to ensure survival (not to fatten). Parker Family Farm is not responsible for the diet of my piglet while at the original feeder pig farm.

Live Pig Purchase Policy

I understand that I am purchasing a live pig and hiring Parker Family Farm as a caretaker for one season. I understand that Parker Family Farm does not sell processed pigs or value added pork products.

Caretaker Services Policy

I understand that caretaker services include selection of heritage breed or heritage/cross piglet, feeding, watering, paddock rotation, and other tasks as necessary and do not include any slaughter or processing. I also understand that Ryan Parker (and Parker Family Farm employees/apprentices/helpers) know the most appropriate way to raise a pastured pig at Parker Family Farm. While I own my pig I may not dictate to Parker Family Farm how to manage the raising of the pig. Should I disagree with any policy or practice in the raising of my pig, I am free to remove my pig according to the terms set forth in the Live Pig Collection Policy.

Live Pig Collection Policy

I understand that I may collect my live pig whenever I wish (prior to slaughter) during the season with one week (seven days) prior notice. I also understand that I must provide my own transportation and facilities and that once my pig leaves the herd and paddock I release Parker Family Farm from all liability and responsibility for the pig.

Co-ownership Policy (Half Pig Share Members Only)

By participating in the Parker Family Farm Half Pig Share program, I agree to be paired with another Half Pig Share Member of Parker Family Farm choosing. Further, I waive the right to remove my pig from the farm during the growing season since I cannot remove half a pig.

Off-Farm Processing Policy

I agree that Parker Family Farm is not affiliated with any butcher or processing facility, licensed, inspected or otherwise. If I decide to have my pig processed at a facility of my choice I understand that I am responsible for the well-being and health of my pig as soon as it leaves the herd/paddock as described in the Live Pig Collection Policy above. Otherwise, I understand that Parker Family Farm will transport my pig to a licensed facility of Parker Family Farm's choice at no additional charge and if I take advantage of this offer I waive the right to choose the facility. I understand that Parker Family Farm does not guarantee final weights (live or hanging) for any pig. I agree that Parker Family Farm is not responsible for the health or safety of the meat provided by any licensed or inspected facility, that state licensing and inspection does not guarantee food safety or security and the best way to ensure both is full, personal knowledge about my food.

Final Payment Policy

I agree that final, full payment is due when I pick-up my pig whether it is processed or collected early under the 'Live Pig Collection Policy'. I understand that Parker Family Farm calculates final payment based on the live weight of my pig and that since Parker Family Farm does not sell processed pork, hanging weight is not used to calculate final payment.

End of Season Collection Policy

I understand that animals grow at different rates and that each animal is unique. Therefore, Parker Family Farm will contact me near the end of the season to schedule pick-up. I will be provided with details about when my pig will be slaughtered and processed and when the animal will be available. I will be provided with a mutually agreed upon pick-up date. Should I not pick-up on that date and not reschedule within 1 week, I forfeit my pig and all monies paid to Parker Produce. I agree, should I choose to have my pig processed off-farm at a facility of my choice to collect my live pig in accordance with the 'Live Pig Collection Policy' and submit full payment at time of pick-up.

Replacement Policy

Should my pig suffer injury or death while in the care of Parker Family Farm, due to circumstances beyond the control of Parker Family Farm*, I will be offered a replacement pig as available and release Parker Family Farm from further liability and responsibility.

*Since pigs raised by Parker Family Farm are heritage breed or heritage/cross and are expected to forage for food in a natural setting, they are not confined in factory style buildings. Rather they are on open pasture and woodland and may encounter predators and other threats beyond the control of the grower.