Vegetable CSA

Member’s Choice Share

Each week throughout the year (with the exception of holidays and a week or two that we may take off), members will receive a list of what is available from the garden. We will harvest, pack and deliver the produce to one of our convenient drop spot locations. We will create an account for you and maintain your share balance. These shares are sold for a minimum of $100 and your account can be refreshed in $100 increments throughout the year. We also encourage people to purchase multiple shares depending on their needs. 

Vegetable CSA Policies

Policy on Washing Produce

The produce you receive as a member of our CSA is provided fresh from the Parker Family Farm gardens. Vegetables can be damaged and will lose their farm-fresh quality when washed prior to delivery and storage. Therefore, to provide the freshest tasting, longest lasting vegetables, herbs and fruits, the produce in your share is only rinsed to remove garden soil and never pre-washed. Please wash or rinse all produce prior to consumption.

Refund Policy

Share payments are non-refundable.  You understand that it is your responsibility to determine how much of an investment to make based on your/your family's diet. 

Use of Funds Deadline Policy

All accounts are valid for a period not to exceed one year from the date of investment.  You have one year from the date on your check to use the funds in your account.  Parker Family Farm will remind you as your account nears a zero balance so you may send in additional share payments.  This policy applies to each additional share purchase.  Funds not used within a year from the purchase of your share are not refundable.