Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Off Season" - nealy ended

Well, the winter is drawing to a close. We've had a couple of nice days where temperatures actually reached into the 30's and the sun has been shining. I've been working hard to get our house projects done. To view some of the progress you can visit Em's blog at
I'm also hard at work on things that won't get done during the growing season. Yesterday's nice weather gave me a chance to get into the woods to cut some of next winter's firewood. I pick away as time permits.
I've also been working on some administrative things over the past few weeks. This includes sending reminders and informational cards to our members who haven't yet signed up for the upcoming season. Another big project is the organization of the Bangor region's CSA/CSF Fair, which I volunteered to do this year. The fair is on Feb. 28th so the real work is just beginning!
I'm also doing some of the winter things that are essential to the growing season like painting the milk house after scraping the old peeling paint, cleaning it and organizing for the harvests to come, building bird and bat houses for the garden (hopefully I can get some photos on here soon) and beginning to work out our crop rotation/layout and planting calendar.
So much to do!!!
In other exciting news, I've been nominated (and accepted) to be the Chair of the Board of Food For Maine's Future, a small, grass roots organization that is trying to change the food system to reflect food sovereignty and local control values. It is an honor to work with the many people involved in FMF to make positive social change! To learn more about FMF and our work, please visit I hope to post more frequently now that things are heating up!
Speaking of heating up. Lizzie and I were in the greenhouse today and the spinach I planted in late January is starting to come up! Wahoo, I miss fresh spinach. When the warm weather of March makes itself known we'll get some good growth.
Bye for now.

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