Friday, July 30, 2010

A brief taste...

Hi all:
Just a quick blog to tell you a bit about what is in the share this week. I am actually headed out the door to go to Moosehead for an annual trip with some college friends. However, thought I'd do a quick blog with another to follow if I have a chance. Please email me if anything isn't clear. First, a quick taste of tomatoes. I mixed together all the cherry tomatoes that came out of the garden this week and split them evenly. It isn't much on this first week but gives you a taste of what's coming. I just picked the first beefsteak type from the greenhouse so those are coming along. Tomatoes are in the bag with basil.

Next, mixed beets. Red and Gold. The greens on the gold beets are 'iffy'. Meaning that you should check them and remove any that aren't good before cooking the greens. This beet installment is really for the beets themselves. Very sweet.

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage. An early cabbage installment. A good recipe is Cabbage and Potato Casserole. Search for it on Google and you'll get a good smattering of results. Usually I reserve this recipe for the cold days of fall but after last night's 54 degree temps I'm in the mood. You could also try coleslaw!
Speaking of coleslaw...Kohlrabi! I wish I had more time to do a search for some recipes but do a quick search for it on the Internet. You use the big bulb at the bottom like cabbage. Shred it into a slaw, etc. The leaves are also edible like any brassica.

Finally, a quick shot of everything mixed together in the tomato department.

Also a quick note about the beans. You'll notice that you got a ton of beans this week. Please open them immediately and look through them for a brown mushy mold type thing. Remove any that have this and keep an eye on them as you remove them from the fridge to use batches. More on this when I have time to upload more photos with an explanation. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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