Friday, August 26, 2011

Very full...very heavy share bags.

Hi all:
This will be quick. I want to get to Bangor to avoid Festival traffic. Not sure it's possible but we'll see. First thing I want to report is that this week's share has grapes!!! I never intended to include grapes in our CSA and only planted the vines for interest. However, they're going crazy and have lots of fruit so you all get the benefit. These are seedless and tasty. Enjoy.
Also, the pocket camera I usually carry finally succumbed to farm life. It no longer focuses at all. Thus, Emily takes photos for me from now on on her fancy camera. She's also a trained photographer so they will be great photos as is evidenced by today's blog. Here, Lizzie and Martin help daddy with the wheelchair cart.

Our second planting of summer squash finally came due.

Potatoes! There would be more but it got dark fast last night and it was also raining. I quit while I was ahead. And by ahead I mean blind and soaked...

It used to annoy me to no end when I dropped a tomato on the floor while packing or found a bunch that had blossom end rot or other blemishes and had to compost them. If you've never seen a pog (herd of pigs) go crazy for mushy tomatoes dumped in their feed bowls then you don't know why it no longer bothers me that much. I'll be dumping 15 gallons of fresh 'seconds' in for the pigs tonight. It's better than T.V. Seriously.

This is just pleasant. Next year's bean poles...assuming Irene doesn't have other plans this weekend.

Ok, so we have sweet corn. Every share got half a dozen. But we're organic and don't spray insecticides so you have to do what people have done forever and not get grossed out by nature. You may find a worm in your corn. Just cut that part out! It's fine! The corn is still delicious! And rest easier knowing you are eating sweet corn that did not have chemical poisons dumped all over it!

Things to come...

This week's share is very heavy because of the zucchini, potatoes and all the tomatoes. Speaking of that. Hope you like tomatoes. Be careful with the bags please and enjoy!

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