Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From Pullets to Hens

Greetings all:
Well, I just got home after an evening at Balfour Farm in Pittsfield. I was there for a buying club meeting and got some great conversation with a great farming couple and to top it off I got some great, fresh, local milk from their grass-fed cows.
When I returned to the farm I was making my rounds in the pouring rain with my flashlight, feeding pigs, covering crops, closing in the chickens, when I just happened to look in the nesting boxes in the pullet house (pullets are first year laying hens before they start to lay eggs) when I found our first egg of the season from this flock!!! Wahoo, soon we'll be in eggs up to our knees again. After a month long dry spell, seeing that first egg was a wonderful sight. I woke Emily up to show her and I can't wait for Lizzie to wake up in the morning so she can see the first egg. She'll be so excited because she'll want to help collect them again and now she can check for eggs!
Be well, stay dry and enjoy our local food web.

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