Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Arrivals

There have been some big events at the farm recently so I thought I would take a few minutes to update everyone.  Just this weekend we turned out the new cows.  When they arrive they are in a small area so they can become used to us, learn where home is and learn where water, food, shelter, etc. are.  Wow, look at the number of guys standing around in this picture.  I should note there is not usually this much standing around at the farm, especially on the day we turn out the cows.  Happily, these cows were quite well-mannered and thus far there has been no chasing...
Here they are getting a little more adventurous and heading out onto the pasture on the fine grass of early May.
 Finally, Scarlet has had her piglets!  We're very excited to welcome 11 new baby pigs into the world here at the farm.  She had them in the early hours of May 1st.  Here is a shot of her only a couple days before the big event.
 And here they are in their warm, enclosed space, insulated with hay bales and protected from the elements. Lizzie was so excited to see all the piglets and here she is congratulating Scarlet on a job well done.  Scarlet was exhausted most of the day on the 1st but is beginning to move around more and more.  She is nursing well and the piglets are very capable and adventurous already.
 This is not a good shot of the adventure to which I was referring.  Being born is hard work!  Just a little pig-nap.

 And finally, in this video you get a sense of what it is like to grow up on a farm.  At 4, our daughter is already getting a world class, hands-on education, seeing things first hand and having a blast doing it.  She is always so interested and asks such great questions.  One of the greatest joys of being a farmer is to see this interaction between the young mind and the real world.

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