Monday, November 30, 2009

It's a twistah!

I have recently learned that there is nothing more shocking and depressing than walking around the corner of a barn, looking out over the garden at a glance and then doing a double take because there is no greenhouse where there should be a greenhouse. Nothing, that is, except walking further around the corner and discovering what is left of the greenhouse and where it ended up.
Saturday was a windy one at the farm (and at the Burgess Farm that's saying something). Travesty struck...several times. Here is our brand new, fully mobile greenhouse in all its glory.
And here it is 1 wind storm and 75 ft later. The wind was powerful enough to pick the entire thing up (ripping the anchors out of the ground) and set it down 15 feet away and then drag it another 60 or so feet.
These pictures really don't do it justice. You can sort of see where the new wheel system dragged through the garden. It also ripped through our low tunnels, crops and newly prepped beds. I also have pictures of the snap pea trellises in horizontal position (that isn't how I last left them) and our new stake organization boxes on their sides (also not how I last left them). Nature is awesome in all her glory. Sigh...time to start again.

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