Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is springing at the farm!

As promised to the members of our Spring Club (receive weekly emails about what we have available for produce), I have a picture on here of some of our newest salad mix. First however, some scallions that wintered over nicely and will soon be setting seeds. They are a nice addition of green to the garden along with the garlic that's emerging.
Speaking of things emerging, our first planting of peas just poked through the ground. Look closely...two green shoots side by side in the middle of this photo.
We're trying several new varieties and cultivars this season. Below are some miniature head lettuce plants that just turned this brilliant red color over the weekend.
A quick shot of the greenhouse before I move it to another plot next week. The chickens are just beyond that door on the end working hard to clear the next plot!
Finally, a beautiful mix of micro-greens. Bianca Riccia Endive and Rouge d'Hiver Lettuce. I can't wait to harvest some for tomorrow's dinner!
If you would like more information about our Spring Club, please email me and I'll let you know the details and get you on the email list.

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