Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One month till the first delivery! Regular posts begin.

One month till the first CSA delivery and we're in full swing at the farm. I've suspended our Spring Club for the rest of the year and will pick it up again in the fall after a short rest from the CSA season.
Now Brittany and I are devoting our days to planting, planting and more planting, as well as all other activities related to getting things in order for a successful season. Brittany is doing an amazing job at the farm and we're very appreciative of her help and glad to have her on board.
Below is a photo of our first ever attempt at early broccoli. You can't see the broccoli plants but their under there. Hopefully, this will translate into broccoli in the spring instead of in the fall when I normally have it!
This photo gives you a shot of a small sliver of the garden but also me putting up a length of chicken wire for a trellis for the sugar snap peas. They are up and doing quite nicely.
Here is my pride an joy in the garden. The new greenhouse, completely recovered from the horrible wind-storm damage of the fall, in it's new location. You can see some of the crops that it was just covering last week. Brittany and I prepped the new location (after the chickens did some work for a month) and rolled the greenhouse over in about 20 minutes. Very cool! Now we are working on filling it with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, basil and more! Moving the house allows the crops you can see to slow down their growth and not bolt (go to seed).

Here is Lizzie sampling the beet greens and spinach and trying so very hard to walk only on the walking paths and not in the vegetable beds...she does a great job and will be an expert by the end of the summer I think.

Finally, we once again participated in the H.O.P.E. Festival this past week. A wonderful event that also gives us a great chance to showcase our ideas and farm. We had a great display and a lot of people stopped by to chat about the implications of an alternative model of agriculture and local, beyond organic food.

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