Thursday, June 3, 2010

All set for tomorrow...what to look for

Hi everyone:
Here is the last of our pre-harvest preparations. A neat line of harvest buckets all ready to be filled with the bounty of our gardens.
Here is Brittany working on the project...just before another bit of rain. Thanks Brittany!
For those picking up in Bangor or Winterport, please take a look at this cooler. Your bag will be inside with several others. Your name will be on the handle. If you're picking up in Bangor, this is the sign that will alert you to the location. The coolers will be on the front porch. PLEASE CLOSE THE COOLERS WHEN YOU HAVE REMOVED YOUR BAG. This is just in consideration of the other members who haven't picked up their share yet. The ice packs don't work if the coolers are open. Thank you all for your cooperation on this.

Here are the bags close up. You can see the names are on tags on the handles. You may have to move some handles around to find yours.

Here are all the bags, ready to be filled with tomorrow's harvest. I hope you're all looking forward to receiving the produce. I am certainly looking forward to the first harvest of the season. Up at 4 am and straight on till 5-ish. The harvest will begin before dawn and continue in a manner allowing us to get the harvest out of the field before the temperatures rise. Then Brittany and I will begin the process of packaging the produce. Tomorrow there will be at least one blog post showing what is in the share. Not too many recipe ideas needed since it will mostly be fresh, beyond organic, local greens, lettuces, spinach, onions and other early produce.
Bon Soir!

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