Thursday, June 2, 2011

First CSA Harvest of 2011 is here!!!

Finally! The moment is here. First CSA Harvest and delivery/pick-up of the year! This first one is very 'spring' oriented (obviously!).

Chives! Yes, those are eggs. No, the chickens didn't put them there. It's art! Actually, I did that to show what some of our members will hopefully use some of the chives for. Farm-fresh eggs with fresh spring chives! Great breakfast!

Another shot with the flowers! Did you know you can use the flowers? A quick google search will show you lots of ideas!!!

So I wasn't planning on radishes today but pulled back our row cover and they were ready! So you get some. White Icicle and French Breakfast Radish mix. Yes, they are supposed to be that long, not like the little round ones some may be familiar with. No, you don't have to eat them for breakfast.

This photo looked more clear on the camera. I was going for the scallions. They are looking pretty good in the garden coming up between some Australe Lettuce (which will be in a future share). This is a great example of the very intensive way we use space in the garden!

You'll also find a bag of Red Salad Bowl Lettuce in there. I love this lettuce because at the base it's green and the colors look great in a nice spring salad. Plus, it is good!

Spinach! By the boatload. We pulled 40 lbs of spinach off the garden today. This photo doesn't do it justice! It was like a carpet, too thick to even get through the walking paths. It's interplanted with carrots and peas. Yes, those are flowers on the peas (super early!!! thank you movable greenhouse #1).

Bread Shares! Check this out. I opened the bags to take this photo and was blown away by the awesome smell of freshly backed bread. This again is from the Rau family in Newport (right down the road from the farm). If you are jealous of the members who picked this option - it's not too late!!! Let me know if you would like to receive a loaf of this amazing, artisan bread each week with your produce share.

And here are a couple of shots of our work on the farm over the past week. Jim in the background with me fighting a slight breeze to cover our potato field with floating row cover. Hopefully this will keep off the dreaded Colorado Potato Beetle.

And here is our new washing station at the head of the garden. As you know we don't 'wash' produce. However, this does allow us to remove excess soil from things like radishes and carrots and cool spinach and lettuce, etc. See our salad spinner on the right. I made some changes to it this year and now it's more durable and more mobile.

Well, enjoy until next week and as always, I love/welcome your comments. That's how we improve!

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  1. Nice surprise getting veggies so early. The lettuce was tender, chives good flavor. I love eating the radishes by themselves. The spinach tonight. Thanks. Was I suppose to take the bag they were in? I wasn't sure. I will bring it back with the next drop off.