Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A good morning's work

I spent the morning using a wheeled cultivator to cultivate several rows of dry and shell beans. This is an amazing, yet simple tool that I am using for the first time this season. I can't imagine where it's been all my life!!!

Here is a plot of dry/shell beans before I began cultivating. See all those nasty little specs of green in between the rows. Those are all pig weed. For those not familiar with this little plant, it's amazing. It's also edible being in the amaranth family. But it gets tough too fast to make it practical to harvest and once it gets to a certain point it goes crazy. Then, the entire crop you planted is lost. Pig weed is truly an amazing plant. Too bad I despise it so.

This is just another shot of the whole bean plot facing north up to the barns in the background.

Here is a shot from the other end when I'm exactly half finished. What a satisfying sight!

And here we are again at the bottom, this time though, I've just finished and those little weeds are gone. I'll go through this again in a little while, perhaps a week, to really clean it out and then the bean plants will shade the ground enough to keep them from germinating!

And here is something the wheeled cultivator couldn't have done. Sugar Snap Peas that are ready to harvest. But alas we can't even walk through the rows due to weeds in the walking paths.

That is, of course, until Brittany worked her magic. 10 rows weeded to perfection! Thanks Brittany! Now we'll harvest our first pull off the Sugar Snaps for this week's CSA Share Harvest!

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  1. Looking forward to the snap peas. We have been very pleased with the veggies. I tried the kale chips. I'm still out on those. I think it may have been too much salt on my part.