Monday, June 13, 2011

Letting the chicks out and trellising tomatoes...

Hi all:
Thought I'd post a blog on this rainy day before heading out into the garden to work (read 'get soaked'). Yesterday's rain didn't keep me from being productive! I was able to get a good handle on trellising in the Cathedral (this is the name I've given to our biggest greenhouse because it reminds me of Notre Dame). Here are the before and after shots. How satisfying!

I also let the baby chicks out for the first time this weekend. When they're very little they need to be indoors and under heat lamps (in the brooder) to get established. Then, I move them outside but keep them in their mobil pen so they get to learn where home is. This is where I keep their food and water and it's good to establish a home base. The reason being that when I let them out they are quite happy to roam all over the place. Here they are heading into the raspberry patch. I start them in here so they can have cover from overhead predators while they grow a bit. We have eagles, osprey and hawks around the farm and baby chicks look mighty nice to any of those creatures.

As you can see, Brinkley is a huge help.

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